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Warehouse/Office - High Point, NC

SouthPacific Textile,  manufactures topquality fabrics for upholstery, drapery, top-of-bed and tabletop uses. Woven inChina by our parent company, our North American division provides US-designedand colored patterns, solids and textures to fill the needs of the furnituremanufacturing, fabric jobbers and retailers, and specialty industries. Minimumyardage can be as low as ½ roll, approximately 25 yards.

SouthPacific maintains itsUSbase in High Point, North Carolina, in the heart of theUSfurniture industry. Thisfacility provides warehousing, shipping and customer service, as well asserving as the office for our management and design staff.

SouthPacific is dedicated to providing the best design and styling, quality andservice to our customers. Our warehouse provides quick delivery on stockeditems, and we will work with you to develop in-stock programs on new fabrics.Our on-site design staff provides regular introductions of trend-settingpatterns and timely color updates, and is available to work with largercustomers to develop customization.

Pricepoints for our fabrics are among the best values in the industry! We offer awide range of solid body cloths and sophisticated textures utilizing specialtyyarns in linen, polyester, acrylic, cotton and rayon. In addition, ourcollection of jacquard- and dobby-woven patterns in the latest colorcombinations will provide that perfect accent to your style needs, all atexcellent prices.

SouthPacific presents its latest fabrics at the ITMA Showtime fabric show twiceyearly (June and December), and is represented by leading US fabric salesrepresentatives.

Textile Manufacturing Center - Hangzhou,China

Establishedin 1999, the South Pacific TextileManufacturing Centeris located in Hangzhou, Zhejiangprovince, in Eastern China. The facilityencompasses more than 10,000 square meters and employs hundreds of skilledtextile workers. The modern looms and finishing equipment allow South Pacificto provide a variety of sophisticated qualities in both textures and patterns.The parent company is constantly updating its equipment, design abilities andtechniques to bring you the latest in high style and competitive prices. 

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